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Western Chief

Fall Afresh

Do you feel that? It’s the crisp air of fall and it’s finally here! This means that it’s time to break out those cozy sweaters and wool socks and pack away the flip flops and cotton shorts. Another mandatory fall fashion accessory is a good pair of rain boots and that’s where Western Chief can help. You might be surprised to learn that rain boots are not merely a functional article of clothing, but that they can be quite fashionable. Included in 2016’s fall color palette are warm clay tones, reds, crisp blues, and cloudy grays. This is not ground breaking news considering that people want their fall colors like they want their seasonal beverages. Warm and spiced! That’s why,...

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Washington Shoe Company | Celebrating 125 years of rain

        A lot happened in 1891. Carnegie Hall had its debut in New York City, electric lights were installed in the White House for the first time, and a company would produce work boots for loggers and gold miners was born in Seattle, WA.                                               Washington Shoe Company celebrated its 125th anniversary this year by jumping into a puddle of initiatives and product offerings. The company is looking toward the future with a nod to the past. The new logo for its flagship Western Chief brand reflects elements from its historic brand logo, which featured Chief...

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